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Recommendations for service providers other than Jesse Duke Painting:

The following service providers are people whom I have had experience with and can recommend to do quality work for a decent price. This does not mean that other businesses or contractors are not as qualified. It only means that these are ones I have had direct experience with. I only recommend people whose work I've seen, and who have good reputation for customer service. I will add more as I discover them.

Service                Contractor                 Phone Number        Website

Cabinets (Custom) Bob Jenkins          904-753-3597

Carpet Cleaning  Larry Scott               904-206-4265

Concrete            Nick Isabella              904-261-3565         Facebook/Isabella Nick Inc.

Drywall               David Moore              904-432-8331         Facebook/David Moore Drywall

Electrical            Paul Shirley               [email protected]  (hearing impaired)

Electrical            Peacock Electric        904-261-0661

Garage Doors    Luis Soares                904-277-2540

General Contractor Tayo Resendiz      904-491-6342 

General Contractor Dave Justyn          904-556-1372

Glass                 Lee & Cates               904-572-4458 

Handyman         Ed Wisniewski            904-430-6759

Handyman         Bob Philipp                 904-206-1189 

HVAC             Nassau Appliance         904-753-0264

HVAC                 Rick Crawford            904-261-9445

Irrigation            Bob's Irrigation            904-261-5040

Lawn Maintenance       Make a recommendation

Locksmith           John Crow                 904-261-5625 Amelia-Lock-Key

Painter               Ben Hall                     904-310-6091

Painter               Damon Neely             904-624-6827

Painter               Bo Vinzant                  904-225-0624

Painter               Bill Lord                      904-277-2454

Painter               Sean Martin                904-415-6000

Painter               Greg Cook                  904-321-7562

Pressure Washing  Tommy Bonnet      904-557-4909

Roofing              Buddy Boyd                904-321-0626

Roofing/gutters  Darby Nickless           904-753-2722

Stucco                Michael Knapp           904-753-1809

Tile                      Robert Martin            904-206-0316

Tree Work           Steve Cash               904-716-4176

Tree Work           Mark Coleman          904-753-4620

Veterinarian        George Lewis            904-277-6769 

Window Cleaning  Glassmasters         904-261-2053